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  • How it Works
    How to Officiate Weddings as an Ordained Minister

    More couples than ever before are choosing to have a friend or family member officiate their wedding. For some, this is the perfect alternative to a traditional church or courthouse wedding. For those who come from different religious backgrounds, this offers a meaningful solution. For others, the appeal of having their wedding delivered by someone they share a personal bond with is reason enough.

    We are here to facilitate this process and believe that doing so is a good thing. It provides more choice for all people. It reinforces social bonds. It confers valuable public speaking experience. It helps to bring a wider demographic of people into ministerial work. And most importantly, it empowers individuals to take ownership of their spiritual affairs.

  • Step 1
    Become a Minister with our Free Online Ordination

    To become an AMM minister, simply complete our ordination application. You need not be religious or have prior ministerial experience. We do not charge for ordination and your ordination does not expire. As an AMM minister you can perform as many weddings as you wish anywhere in the country.

    We also provide our ministers with additional free services to help prepare them for performing marriage and to confirm the marriages they have performed. To opt in, the minister simply needs to login to their profile page and register the wedding they will be performing or that they have performed.

  • Step 2
    Prepare for the Wedding

    We advise our ministers to register their weddings with us so that we can better prepare them for performing marriage. This is recommended though not required; below are the best practices for all ministers to follow:

    a. Register Where Necessary
    You should first learn what further government registration (if any) is required. Our wedding planner tool provides county specific instructions on how to perform marriage and how to get married.

    b. Compose Your Wedding Ceremony
    If you are not familiar with how a wedding ceremony is conducted, visit our wedding training page. This page covers the structure and parts of a wedding ceremony as well as examples to help you in composing your own ceremony.

  • Step 3
    Solemnize Marriage

    On the wedding day, you have two responsibilities:

    a. Conduct the Wedding Ceremony
    For most people, this is the most intimidating part of performing marriage. Don’t worry. If you’ve rehearsed at all beforehand you’ll do fine. Remember, you are in front of an audience of friends and it was at their request that you are conducting the wedding!

    b. Administer the Marriage License
    On the wedding day the couple must present you with their marriage license. Your job is to validate the information on the license and sign it with necessary witnesses. Once the marriage license is completed, simply return it to its office of issuance.

    That’s all there is to it – Get started today by completing the form below!

  • How it Works
  • Get Ordained
  • Prepare for the Wedding
  • Perform Marriage

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