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Ordained: 7/9/2013

~~~~ LOVE~~~~ A never ending circle they call a ring, what’s inside of it, oh what joy it does bring, it’s the love that’s within that r…more
Ordained: 9/26/2013

~Ordained Marriage Minister ~ Notary Public State of Georgia~
Ordained: 7/9/2011

~Notary Public in Florida ~Ordained Minister ~Wedding planning assistance available with local vendors Interests in spirituality, sand …more
Ordained: 1/30/2013

~Notary Public in California ~Ordained Minister~
Ordained: 9/1/2013

~God brings us into each others lives to help one another. I would be honored to unite two people together under Christ through marriage. ~
Ordained: 9/4/2013

~Blessings Dear Ones and Love and Light to you on Your Special Day!~ I do personalized weddings of all different faiths and spiritualities f…more
Ordained: 2/21/2014

~Baltimore County, MD~ Hello! I’m a college student in support of love. God has given us a chance to have a binding agreement with Him, you…more
Ordained: 4/4/2013

~*~Hi! My name is Kristen. I’m a 28yr old mother of two amazing little boys. I, myself, am getting married in August; and I asked my late br…more
Ordained: 7/13/2013

~ ~ California ~ Stanislaus County ~ ~ I can travel anywhere in the neighboring counties. Your wedding should reflect your personalities and…more
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