How to Complete a Marriage License

It is the minister’s duty to complete the marriage license for the bride and groom. This page covers the forms a minister may need to fill out when completing the marriage license.

Sample marriage license

California Marriage License Image
Marriage licenses vary across the country, the license you complete may not look like this one.

Officiant Title

If the marriage license asks for your Title, write “Minister“.

When you become ordained with American Marriage Ministries you are accepted into our church as a minister. It is with this title, Minister, that you have the authority to perform marriage.

Church Affiliation

If the marriage license asks for your Church, write “American Marriage Ministries“.

As a minister with AMM you are able to perform marriage with any religious rites or practices, but when doing so you are still acting as a minister of American Marriage Ministries. We can not give you the authority to act as a representative of any other church.

Religious denomination

If the marriage license asks for your Denomination, write “Non-denominational“, unless the marriage was celebrated in accordance with a specific denomination.

By performing marriage as an American Marriage Ministries minister, you are acting as a representative of AMM, a non-denominational and interfaith church. For this reason “Non-denominational” is generally the most appropriate response. If however your ceremony was celebrated with the tradition of a specific denomination you would specify this (eg. Baptist).

Witness Requirements

Many states require that 1 or 2 witnesses sign the marriage license.

It is a requirement in many states, though not all, that one or two witnesses of the wedding sign the marriage license. The witness or witnesses must complete their required fields on the license and sign the document.

Marriage License Return

The marriage license must be returned within a deadline specified by the state.

Depending on the state, it is the responsibility of the couple or minister to return the completed marriage license to the office from which it was issued, or to any other approved government office. Most county or town offices allow for the license to be mailed back or returned in person. The marriage will not be legally binding until the license has been filed by the state.

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