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How to Officiate Weddings as an Ordained Minister

More than ever before, couples are choosing to have a friend or family member officiate their wedding. For many, this is the perfect alternative to a traditional church wedding or a civil courthouse wedding. Couples that want their wedding performed by someone with whom they share a personal bond now have that option.

We are here to create possibilities for couples, to bring people of all faiths and backgrounds into ministerial work, and most importantly to empower individuals to take ownership of their spiritual affairs.

Step 1

Become a Minister with our Free Online Ordination

To become a minister just complete our free ordination application. We are an interfaith, non-denominational church – you do not need to be religious or have prior ministerial experience. Fellow AMM ministers have performed marriages throughout the country.

We provide free resources to help ministers prepare for and keep track of the marriages that they have performed. To opt in, AMM ministers can “register” weddings that they will be performing or have already performed.

Step 2

Prepare for the Wedding

We created our Register a Wedding tool as a way to get you the important information you need quickly and clearly. With a database of state laws and local government contacts we created a platform to help ministers:

a. Register Locally if Necessary
Once you are ordained, you may also need to register with a local government agency. Register a Wedding will let you know if you need to take extra steps before performing a wedding.

b. Compose Your Wedding Ceremony
If you don’t know what you’re going to say at the wedding, visit our wedding training page to learn about the structure of a wedding ceremony and view examples from other ministers.

Step 3

Perform Marriage

On the wedding day, you have two responsibilities:

a. Conduct the Ceremony
This is what you’ve been preparing for! Perform the ceremony that you have rehearsed and it will be a magical event.

b. Complete the Marriage License
At some point on the wedding day, you must sign and complete the couple’s marriage license. Your job is to validate the information on the license, sign it with any required witnesses, and return it to its office of issuance.

That’s all there is to it – Get started today by completing the form below!

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